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Digital & social media continue to influence our world of communication, and it is inevitably great for engaging with audiencem but traditional media is still the most trusted source. Our service is to intergrate digital and social media communications into traditional PR work where appropriate, and make sure your brand get noticed by the media audiences who matter to your business.

We offer long-term retainer contracts, launch-based PR contracts and projects-baesd publicity plan. While other related services can be bespoke to meet client's communication needs.

our services regarding media involvement

• PR Stractegic planning

• Issue/content management

• Media relations

• Publicity

• Interview arragement

• Executive briefing Kit

• Management's speech

• Press Kit

• Press conference

• Media Briefing

• Media review

• Media Tour

• Media Famillarization trip

• Corporate Social Responsibility

• News Monitoring & clipping

• Media coverage analysis

• PR Measurement

• Media planning & advertising placement

what else we also do ...

• Launch Event

• Event decoration design

• Special Events and Public Events

• Graphic design

• Marketing Promotion & Road show

• Celebrity recommendation invitation

• Social Media management

• Key Opinion Leader (KOL)

• Content Marketing